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receiving inscriptions and ordinals with sparrow wallet
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I dont understand. What are the implications of this? I made the Sparrow wallet using the exact same process outlined above. The blockchain explorer shows that this wallet is holding 0.0003785 SATS, which is the inscription I guess. It just doesnt show up in the Sparrow App. What can I do to solve this?

Very that the wallet address you see in the explorer is in sparrow.

your sparrow wallet may be disconnect. Check on the bottom right to make sure the toggle is on.

if that doesn’t work try sparrow on a different computer

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It worked, toggle was turned off... Thank you very much, greatly appreciated!

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WXTux commented Feb 18, 2023

Nice post. A lot of stuff. Is it possible and safe to send an inscription when two inscriptions share the same (taproot) address?

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Hello @windsok , thank you for that great guide! Can i ask a question?
I've send two Ordinals in a same address, and now i have a "!" sign next to each transaction (UTXO). As i understand this will not be a problem, but maybe i will need to learn what exactly i am doing before trying to move anything. My question is about fees. From where will come the sats for the fees for transaction? How i will specify from where the fee should be paid?

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hey guys I cannot make any command, I get an error


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how do you solve this problem, I have the same issue

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Can anybody help?
I have bitmap on my ledger and I should send it to unisat wallet, through sparrow wallet, but the UTXO associated with that bitmap in sparrow doesn't have enough value to cover transation fee. What can I do? I read something about combining some btc into a btc utxo, but I don't know how to perform it.

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