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DD-WRT Guest Wifi Configuration
The directions from Kong's configuration for Guest Networks posted at have been lost due to Kong shuttering his support. This is to preserve and make available that information.
Guest Wifi Setup DD-WRT
Here comes a short guide on how to setup a Virtual Guest AP. In build 23020 I added an option to isolate guest wifis from local network. This along with my fix for unbridged vifs allows to setup a guest wifi with only a few clicks. The following image shows the Wireless->Basic Setup page. In order to create a virtual access point, for your guests, click on Add in Virtual Interfaces section. Now fill out the details for this guest wifi. The labels in red give you a short explanation what these settings are for.
Once you are done go to Wireless->Wireless Security, choose your encryption scheme and password for this guest wifi. Next step is to enable DHCPD for the guest wifi. Go to Setup->Networking and add another dhcp server for the guest network as shown in the following image.

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