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Hi Apple,
Well known to the world, Apple treats customers' privacy as a high priority.
I recently realized that two popular Apps in the Chinese community, Wechat, and AliPay, will get started in the background when my iPhone changes its state of WiFi connection. Further research indicates that these two Apps implemented the HotspotHelper feature of iOS.
I know these features can be helpful, during which they can help users connect to public WiFi, but most people rarely use this feature. For example, I am not aware of this before today. I also do not expect my WiFi connectivities to be monitored by these two Apps. I try my best to find a way to disable this feature in these two Apps' settings, and there is no help.
I urge Apple to consider this situation, stop the abusing usage of these two companies, and provide consumers options and transparency about their WiFi network connection activities.
Thank you!
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