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Created Feb 20, 2010
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fabric stub for getting selenium 2 python bindings to install
def _install_webdriver(venv_path):
Install/build the python webdriver client. The is busted, so we have
to do extra work beyond the virtualenv.
webdriver_dir = os.path.join(venv_path, 'src', 'webdriver')
py_bin = os.path.join(venv_path, 'bin', 'python')
with cd(webdriver_dir):
# Build webdriver
run('rake firefox_xpi')
run('%s build' % py_bin)
run('mkdir build/lib/webdriver/build_artifacts')
run('cp build/ build/lib/webdriver/build_artifacts/')
# Install the webdriver client to the virtualenv
run('deactivate ; source %s && add2virtualenv %s' % (
os.path.join(venv_path, 'bin/activate'),
os.path.join(venv_path, 'src/webdriver/build/lib')), pty=True)
sudo('chown -R hudson:policystat %s' % webdriver_dir)
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