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@winny- winny-/day4.rkt Secret
Created Dec 10, 2017

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#lang racket
(define (read-passphrase ip)
(match (read-line)
[(? eof-object?) eof]
[a (string-split a)]))
(define (valid1? passphrase)
(for/and ([p passphrase])
(= 1 (count (curry string=? p) passphrase))))
(define (part1 passphrases)
(count valid1? passphrases))
(define (valid2? passphrase)
(valid1? (map (compose1 list->string (curryr sort char<?) string->list) passphrase)))
(define (part2 passphrases)
(count valid2? passphrases))
(module+ main
(define passphrases (port->list read-passphrase))
(displayln (format "Part 1: ~a" (part1 passphrases)))
(displayln (format "Part 2: ~a" (part2 passphrases))))
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