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Last active November 21, 2023 18:02
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Nikos Kontakis - Fellowship Application

About me

I am Nikolaos Kontakis, starting in the beginning of 2021 as a Parity employee until today, I work on Polkadot related projects, mainly on Substrate-Connect and Zombienet. In addition to my professional commitments, I have dedicated my free time to crafting small applications (e.g. MVP which is currently being refactored and rebuild) and contributing to open-source initiatives. I am a member of @polkadot{.js}, Polkadot Blockchain Academy. Especially in PolkadotJS, I've made contributions to Polkadot-js apps and API, particularly in the context of the integration with substrate-connect and light clients; I am a Polkadot Blockchain Academy Alumni from Cohort #2 (Buenos Aires), where I contributed to but also supported (with several integrations and code-improvements) the presentation project of the PBA. My commitment to knowledge sharing led me to deliver presentations on the topics of light clients and substrate-connect, engaging with Cohorts #2 in Buenos Aires and #3 in Berkeley. I currently continue supporting Polkadot Blockchain Academy efforts with tech support and participation in the steps of admissions;

Am one of the top contributors of Substrate-connect, and Zombienet.

Some non-trivial PRs

Online Presentations

Repositories I've contributed:


  • substrate-connect: PRs
  • zombienet: PRs
  • zombienet-sdk: PRs
  • zombienet-vscode-extension: PRs
  • polkadot-api: PRs
  • polkadot-sdk: PRs
  • polkadot: PRs
  • cumulus: PRs
  • npm_publish_automation: PRs
  • metadata-portal: PRs
  • parity-bridges-ui: PRs
  • polkadot-cloud: PRs
  • polkadot-scripts: PRs
  • polkadot-staking-dashboard: PRs
  • smoldot-ads: PRs
  • substrate-website: PRs



  • polkadot api: PRs
  • polkadot apps: PRs
  • polkadot dev: PRs
  • polkadot docs: PRs
  • polkadot extension: PRs


  • Polkadot-Blockchain-Academy/pba-content: PRs


  • substrate-docs: PRs


Rank range

I apply for Dan 1 at your discretion.


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