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[Adobe XD letter-spacing] SCSS mixin to convert letter-spacing from Adobe XD to CSS #xd #letter-spacing
@mixin letter-spacing($spacing) {
letter-spacing: ($spacing / 1000) * 1em;
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SFaraji commented Feb 7, 2019

Hey, for some reason when I add this "@include letter-spacing(-41);" to my scss class, I don't get the result.
When I then do it manually it is working. Have you faced with something like this before?

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wiseoldman commented Jun 3, 2019

@SFaraji sorry, I haven't been active on github for some time, did you resolve this?

I set up a test pen and can't find any issues myself:

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SFaraji commented Jun 3, 2019

Yes, no worries. Also thanks for the codepen reference!

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