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Created September 25, 2011 13:07
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Configuration file for PythonTidy
<parm name="COL_LIMIT" value="int(79)" />
<parm name="SHEBANG" value="" />
<parm name="PARENTHESIZE_TUPLE_DISPLAY" value="bool(False)" />
<parm name="ADD_BLANK_LINES_AROUND_COMMENTS" value="bool(False)" />
<parm name="ADD_BLANK_LINE_AFTER_DOC_STRING" value="bool(False)" />
<parm name="MAX_SEPS_FUNC_DEF" value="int(99)" />
<parm name="MAX_SEPS_FUNC_REF" value="int(99)" />
<parm name="WRAP_DOC_STRINGS" value="bool(True)" />
<parm name="NORMALIZE_DOC_STRINGS" value="bool(True)" />
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witsch commented Sep 25, 2011

This can be used with, or alternatively the easy-installable fork available at

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ghost commented May 4, 2013

Install with:

pip install

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