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Not including bugs in the software I actually work on. Inspired by Dan Luu's post “Everything is broken”. Checkmarks indicate that it has been reported or otherwise dealt with.


  • GNOME Alt+PrtSc took a screenshot of only the top-left corner of the window.
    • Unreproducible
  • redirects to – but the certificate is only valid for www., not the bare domain.
    • Firefox (rightly) shows a certificate error
    • Chrome has a special case for this situation!
    • Coventry responded within an hour to say that they're working on fixing this one way or another – a rare positive experience giving tech feedback to a bank.
  • When I rotate my convertable laptop, the interface rotates, but touch events are not rotated.


  • Plugging my convertable laptop into an external display rotates the laptop display through 180°. I have to turn it over and back again to fix it.
    • Previously I used my laptop in tent mode (with the screen rotated 180°) while connected to this display; evidently that configuration has been remembered even though I never explicitly configured it.
    • I stopped using my laptop in tent configuration because the webcam image is not rotated to match, so I would appear upside-down in video calls.
  • The version of heroku in Fedora 25 is too old to run heroku ps:scale web=1.
  • GVim for Windows does not have hidpi support, so the window and text within it are tiny.
    • Let he who is without sin, etc: the app I develop for Windows also does not have hidpi support.
  • When I plug in my USB backup hard-drive, Déjà-Dup (aka Backups) pops up an error dialog proclaiming “Backup Failed: An operation is already pending”.
    • The text is for some reason pre-highlighted.
    • The dialog title is "Back Up", despite every other part of the application using the single-word "backup", and despite the GNOME HIG specifying that dialogs should not have a title.
  • When running a backup by hand, the Details area does not expand vertically with the dialog, only horizontally.
    • I went to fix this a few weeks ago and found an error in the build system...
    • ...which I couldn't submit a fix for, because bzr was broken with Python 2.7.12-7.
    • bzr had already been fixed upstream but the patch was wrong (comment #17).
    • Launchpad's per-comment permalinks lead to the comment, alone. There are no anchors allowing links within thread.
  • Whenever I use my tablet (a few times a week, at most), Twitter for Android spams me with notifications I've already acknowledged on other devices
    • This problem is hardly new – despite the fact that I only use official clients these days, Twitter doesn't seem to sync notifications between devices – but it's particularly noticable on this rarely-used device
    • Google Now reminders are also not synced properly between my (Android N) phone and tablet: postponing a reminder on one does nothing to the notification on the other.


  • My Lenovo Yoga 900, running Fedora 25, will not resume from suspend.
    • It took >5 attempts of pressing and holding the power button (and trying the recessed firmware-menu button, too) to forcibly power it down.
    • Unreproducible
  • GoToMeeting sometimes fails to relay video from participants, showing instead a black rectangle (on Android) or empty frame (on the web). The probability of this seems to increase the longer a call goes on; it can sometimes be fixed by reloading the page or app.
    • It also drops audio for 15-30 seconds for at least one person on almost every call
    • I guess I will report this in the next end-of-call survey prompt I recieve – maybe they transmit logs along with it


  • My wifi access point, provided by BT, advertises two networks: a private, WPA2ed one, and an open network that BT subscribers can use any time they're in range of another subscriber. Unfortunately, Network Manager often prefers the second network, which requires captive portal authentication and is rate-limited.
  • When connecting to a network with a captive portal, GNOME pops up the portal page, full screen, on top of all other applications. On the London Underground (which has a similar semi-public network), this is effectively a full screen of adverts.
  • Hangouts, in sympathy with GoToMeeting, dropped audio & video for no apparent reason for 15 seconds.
    • Unreproducible, unclear what I can do.
  • When adding a new world clock to GNOME Clocks, typing in the search field didn't display any autocompletion results until I moved the window from my external screen onto my primary, laptop screen.
    • I think this is a Gtk+ bug, gtk3-demo's Entry Completion demo shows the same problem.
    • I have a dim memory of finding an upstream bug for this before…


  • When I opened Instagram for Android, it immediately showed a "Couldn't update feed." toast notification, which was still visible 0.5s later when the feed was successfully updated and new photos appeared.
  • I had to sign a document using HelloSign so used my laptop's touchscreen to draw my signature. Chrome interpreted touch motion from left to right as a swipe-right gesture, which means "go back to previous page". I don't know whether this is a Chrome bug, a Chrome-for-Linux bug, or a Wayland bug.
  • If a message notification comes in while I'm listening to a podcast on my OnePlus 3 using headphones, the podcast audio is paused in my headphones, but the notification sound doesn't (seem to) play there.
  • I asked for train times from my home to the airport; it informed me: “We found more than one location matching 'ChIJvdEhgfQNdkgRdF2J0Sb64fo'”.
  • I tried to add the above item to this Gist on Chrome for Android. Typing a * to start a new bullet point deletes the newline before it, so I have to enter an extra, sacrificial newline before the *.

Saturday, Sunday

  • Whenever I turn my OnePlus 3 on, I see a notification about an SMS from "O2Wifi" from two years ago. Tapping the notification brings up the SMS inbox, not the message itself, and searching for its text does not find it.
    • I managed to clear this notification! I am not sure how.
  • My Kindle Paperwhite consistently renders the word “bentō” as “bentō”.
  • I barely used computers all weekend so please do not mistake the paucity of entries here for a high-quality computing experience.

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@DamianFekete DamianFekete commented May 14, 2017

So you're saying Gnome and Android apps are still very buggy? :|

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