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make commands for installing and exporting fb keyframes for designers


  1. Download and install the Keyframes Player application.
  2. Download our custom install script to your desktop. It should be saved as
  3. Open the Terminal application (inside your /Applications folder - it might be under the Applications/Utilities subdirectory)
  4. Type sh ~/Desktop/, and hit enter in order to install the Keyframes extension and its dependencies.
    1. At some point the script will ask permission to install Xcode Tools. Say yes.
    2. At some point it will ask you to enter your password. When you type it in, the characters will not display for security reasons. So type carefully, and then hit enter. If you mistype, it will ask you again.
  5. Some error messages and warnings may appear. As long as you see done! restart after effects to load the plugin at the end, the script completed successfully.
  6. Restart After Effects. Verify that when you go to File > Scripts, Keyframe_Exporter.jsx is in the list.
  7. In After Effects Preferences, go to General > Scripting & Expressions and enable Allow Scripts to Write Files and Access Network.


  1. Click File > Scripts > Keyframe_Exporter.jsx.
  2. Once the dialog box opens, click Export.
  3. After export is finished, Keyframes Player should automatically open with your composition.
  4. If you're happy with the output, return to the Exporter, click Open Folder, and copy the {Composition Name}.kf.json files to your delivery folder. Done!
set -e
AE_DIR=/Applications/Adobe\ After\ Effects\ CC\ 2019/Scripts/
echo 'installing homebrew...'
/usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"
echo 'installing git...'
brew install git
echo 'installing node...'
brew install node
echo 'installing keyframes...'
git clone $AE_DIR
echo 'installing keyframes dependencies...'
cd $AE_DIR/scripts && npm install . -g
echo 'done! restart after effects to load the plugin'
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