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public class TestAcceptedMediaTypes {
private static final MediaType[] SUPPORTED_MEDIA_TYPES = new MediaType[] { MediaType.APPLICATION_JSON_UTF8,
Collection<DynamicContainer> testAcceptedMediaTypes() throws Exception {
List<DynamicContainer> dynamicContainers = new ArrayList<>();
// Check if controller has a POST endpoint and call it with all the different
// mediatypes, throw an error in a 415 (unsupported media type) is returned
for (Class<?> controllerClazz : controllersClasses) {
RequestMapping mapping = controllerClazz.getAnnotationsByType(RequestMapping.class)[0];
StringBuilder builder = new StringBuilder();
for (Method method : controllerClazz.getMethods()) {
if (method.isAnnotationPresent(PostMapping.class)) {
List<DynamicTest> dynamicTests = new ArrayList<>();
for (MediaType mediaType : SUPPORTED_MEDIA_TYPES) {
() -> mockMvc.perform(post(builder.toString()).contentType(mediaType))
dynamicContainers.add(dynamicContainer(builder.toString(), dynamicTests));
return dynamicContainers;
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