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Last active March 27, 2019 09:12
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@ContextConfiguration(classes = { StormTrackerApplication.class }, initializers = ITStormRepo.Initializer.class)
public class ITStormRepo {
public static class Initializer implements ApplicationContextInitializer<ConfigurableApplicationContext> {
public void initialize(ConfigurableApplicationContext applicationContext) {
TestPropertyValues.of("spring.datasource.url=jdbc:tc:postgresql:11.2://arbitrary/arbitrary", //
"spring.datasource.username=test", //
"spring.datasource.password=test", //
private StormRepo repo;
public void testReadFromStormsTable() {
public void testWriteToStormsTable() {
Storm savedStorm = Storm("03-17-2019", "03-20-2019", "South Atlantic", "Knoxville, Tennesee",
"Tropical Depression", 3));
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