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One day of beta crash pings and their display versions
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# coding: utf-8
# In[7]:
from moztelemetry import get_pings_properties, get_one_ping_per_client
from moztelemetry.dataset import Dataset
import csv
import json
# In[2]:
# In[25]:
pings = Dataset.from_source("telemetry") .select( displayVersion='application.displayVersion',
osName='') \
.where(docType='crash') \
.where(submissionDate="20180401") \
.where(appUpdateChannel="beta") \
# In[26]:
versions = {}
pingsender_versions = set()
for p in pings.collect():
pingsender_version = p['pingSenderVersion'] or 'none'
osname = p['osName']
version = str(p['displayVersion']) + '/' + pingsender_version
if p['processType'] != 'main':
if not versions.get(osname):
versions[osname] = {}
if not versions[osname].get(version):
versions[osname][version] = 0
versions[osname][version] += 1
print json.dumps(versions, sort_keys=True,
indent=4, separators=(',', ': '))
# In[ ]:
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