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Last active Dec 26, 2015
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Upgrade OSX to Mavericks (Xcode, brew, boxen etc.)


  1. Install Mavericks
  2. Upgrade Xcode via App Store
  3. Launch Xcode to accept terms and auto install components
  4. Run the following commands
  • $ xcode-select --install # install command line tools if you have not already
  • $ boxen
  • $ brew update

Note: If brew fails (either in the boxen step or in the brew one) it is most likely due to uncommitted changes in your brew folder. Do the following then run the command (that failed) again.

  • $ cd /opt/boxen/homebrew
  • $ git add .
  • $ git stash
  • $ boxen

If you need what was not committed you can just pop your stash!

Dev env tests


$ cd ~/src/snowflake
$ bundle; brake db:migrate db:test:prepare
$ brake
# Some errors. Basically it now expects a space text like "Name* Can't be blank" instead
# of "Name*Can't be blank" 
$ foreman start

ICIS Staff

$ cd ~/src/icisstaff
$ bundle; brake db:migrate db:test:prepare
$ foreman start

ICIS Patients

$ cd ~/src/icispatients
$ bundle; brake db:migrate db:test:prepare
$ brake # konacha timed out on some test on first run; second run - no errors
$ foreman start

Use the system

$ open

  • redirected to
  • logged in and redirected back to
  • pulled in correct data from
  • able to create an appointment

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@razic razic commented Oct 24, 2013

thanks, this helped me get back up and running quickly after installing to mavericks 😄

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