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Last active Nov 16, 2021
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  • denoising diffusion probabilistic models (DDPM)
  • self-supervised learning (SSL)
  • vision transformers (ViT)
  • self-attention
  • masked language modeling, cf. BERT
  • contrastive instance discrimination
  • distillation
  • ablation study
  • batch normalization

Interesting papers

  • Dosovitskiy, et al. "An image is worth 16x16 words: Transformers for image recognition at scale." arXiv:2010.11929 (2020).
  • Brock, et al. "High-performance large-scale image recognition without normalization." arXiv:2102.06171 (2021).
  • Caron, et al. "Emerging properties in self-supervised vision transformers." arXiv:2104.14294 (2021).
  • Dhariwal, et Nichol. "Diffusion models beat gans on image synthesis." arXiv:2105.05233 (2021).
  • Karras, et al. "Alias-free generative adversarial networks." arXiv:2106.12423 (2021).
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