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Hiddem Gems, using median playtime (forever) as a popularity measure

PC Gamer

If you arrived here from a PC Gamer article, I suggest you check the Python source code and one of these rankings:

  • original ranking, featured on PC Gamer, based on data downloaded prior to the Steam summer sales.
  • updated ranking, using data from June 30, a week after the Steam summer sales have started.

Bug fix regarding ranking based on playtime

Initially, I presented on this Gist page a ranking using playtime as popularity measure. However, as I have kept working on the code, I have found out this ranking likely suffered from a bug. The bug, which is now fixed, resulted in a ranking very similar to the ranking using players total as popularity measure. Thankfully, the ranking featured in the PC Gamer article is bug-free since it relies on players total as a popularity measure.

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