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I may be slow to respond.

Joan Touzet wohali

I may be slow to respond.
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If you want to write 6502 machine code like a devout Christian, you need to understand that God is in the opcodes. Every single instruction is a divine message, and it is your job to interpret it.

For example, take the opcode LDA #$01. This opcode loads the value 1 into the accumulator. But what does that mean?

Well, according to Christian tradition, the number 1 is a symbol of God. So, this opcode is telling you to load God into the accumulator. That's pretty powerful stuff!

But it doesn't stop there. Every other opcode has a similar meaning. For example, STA $0200 is telling you to store the accumulator at address $0200. But what does that mean?

Well, $0200 is the address of the first byte of video memory. So, this opcode is telling you to store God in the first byte of video memory. That's an incredibly powerful message!

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[ 7.052063] input: Goodix Capacitive TouchScreen as /devices/platform/i2c@0/i2c-22/22-0014/input/input0
[ 7.079070] ------------[ cut here ]------------
[ 7.079105] WARNING: CPU: 0 PID: 391 at drivers/gpio/gpiolib.c:3323 gpiochip_enable_irq+0x88/0xa8
[ 7.079114] Modules linked in: goodix(+) 8021q garp stp llc brcmfmac brcmutil bcm2835_v4l2(C) videobuf2_vmalloc cfg80211 rfkill bcm2835_isp(C) bcm2835_codec(C) bcm2835_mmal_vchiq(C) v4l2_mem2mem raspberrypi_hwmon videobuf2_dma_contig videobuf2_memops videobuf2_v4l2 videobuf2_common snd_bcm2835(C) videodev snd_pcm snd_timer mc vc_sm_cma(C) snd panel_simple rpivid_mem nvmem_rmem gpio_backlight i2c_gpio uio_pdrv_genirq i2c_algo_bit uio drm drm_panel_orientation_quirks backlight fuse ip_tables x_tables ipv6
[ 7.079483] CPU: 0 PID: 391 Comm: modprobe Tainted: G C 5.10.90-v7l+ #1
[ 7.079492] Hardware name: BCM2711
[ 7.079502] Backtrace:
[ 7.079536] [<c0bb8a10>] (dump_backtrace) from [<c0bb8d84>] (show_stack+0x20/0x24)
[ 7.07955
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diff --git a/build/moz.configure/toolchain.configure b/build/moz.configure/toolchain.configure
index 9c772a8b7594..9b7ced38daad 100755
--- a/build/moz.configure/toolchain.configure
+++ b/build/moz.configure/toolchain.configure
@@ -582,7 +582,7 @@ def get_vc_paths(topsrcdir):
'x86': [os.path.join(path, r'VC\bin\amd64_x86'), os.path.join(path, r'VC\bin\amd64')],
# Then VS2017 and newer.
- for install in vswhere(['-requires', 'Microsoft.VisualStudio.Component.VC.Tools.x86.x64']):
+ for install in vswhere(['-requires', 'Microsoft.VisualStudio.Component.VC.Tools.x86.x64', '-products', '*']):
View gist:6306309951836a0b10b5be53c2b2b8a0
PS C:\relax\vcpkg> .\vcpkg.exe list
curl:x64-windows 7.68.0-3 A library for transferring data with URLs
curl[non-http]:x64-windows Enables protocols beyond HTTP/HTTPS/HTTP2
curl[openssl]:x64-windows SSL support (OpenSSL)
curl[ssl]:x64-windows Default SSL backend
curl[sspi]:x64-windows SSPI support
curl[tool]:x64-windows Builds curl executable
curl[winssl]:x64-windows SSL support (Secure Channel / "WinSSL")
icu:x64-windows 65.1-4 Mature and widely used Unicode and localization ...
openssl-windows:x64-windows 1.1.1d-2 OpenSSL is an open source project that provides ...
wohali /
Last active May 15, 2022
Multi-Function Tester TC1 flashing

Updating U4

  1. Unscrew the case via the 4 screws on the back.
  2. Desolder the positive lead of the rechargeable battery. This is necessary because the bootloader of U4 is only present immediately after power-on.
  3. Configure Tigard (or other USB-TTL device) as follows:
    1. VTGT switch to 3V3
    2. TX to P1 (left side of U4, clearly marked
    3. RX to P2 (just above P1)
    4. GND to GND (just below P1, unmarked)
    5. Prep VTGT to connect to VTGT (just above P2, unmarked, trace goes to pin 2 of U4)
wohali /
Last active Mar 2, 2021
Beef Rendang, from The Complete Asian Cookbook, by Charmaine Solomon

Rendang Daging

Dry Fried Beef Curry

It is worth making a large quantity of this because it keeps so well, developing more flavour each day.

Serves: 8


  • 1.5 kg (3 lb) chuck blade, or round steak
  • 2 medium onions, roughly chopped
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Return-path: <@STONY-BROOK.SCRC.SYMBOLICS.COM:unix-haters-errors@MC.LCS.MIT.EDU>
Received: from ELEPHANT-BUTTE.SCRC.SYMBOLICS.COM by via INTERNET with SMTP id 12833; 1 Nov 1993 10:45:19-0800
Received: from STONY-BROOK.SCRC.Symbolics.COM by ELEPHANT-BUTTE.SCRC.Symbolics.COM via INTERNET with SMTP id 869911; 1 Nov 1993 06:46:00 -0500
Received: from MC.LCS.MIT.EDU by STONY-BROOK.SCRC.Symbolics.COM via INTERNET with SMTP id 1278715; 1 Nov 1993 06:43:15 -0500
Received: by id aa00239; 1 Nov 93 4:21 EST
Received: from mc by id aa27793; 1 Nov 93 4:05 EST
Received: from [] by id aa27775; 1 Nov 93 4:03 EST
Received: from ( by (4.1/AI-4.10) for id AA11040; Mon, 1 Nov 93 04:03:32 EST
Received: by (5.57/DA1.0.4.amt)
id AA01198; Mon, 1 Nov 93 04:03:29 -0500
wohali / pg&e-hooks-info.txt
Last active Nov 14, 2020
PG&E C-hooks interpretation by an actual hydrometallurgist
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The transposing of the lines are from right to left, left to middle and
middle to right (camera-side to far-side). The failed one is on "from right
to left". The wear pattern (picture with red parallel lines) tells me that
the C-hook is not made of cast iron but made of cast steel because cast iron
is hard and strong but it is so brittle that when it breaks, it will go in
one clear break (full face) and not in the pattern as seen
(wear-wear-wear-then tear-off). This hook is on very light duty since it
only needs to support itself (insulation included) and the loose short
transposing line and not the tower-to-tower line (hence the one-inch size).
My guess is that there was a small crack on the inside-side of C as
wohali / exploder-cap-list.txt
Created Jun 16, 2020
TI Explorer PS capacitor list
View exploder-cap-list.txt
This probably includes extra caps...I also ordered a pile of new tantalums that aren't included here,
standard 0.1u@35V and 1u@50V
Qty Digikey P/N MFR P/N Description
1 338-3802-ND SLP682M035A7P3 CAP ALUM 6800UF 20% 35V SNAP
1 399-7488-ND PME271M660KR30 CAP FILM 0.6UF 10% 275VAC RADIAL
4 493-7094-ND LGN2E681MELA40 CAP ALUM 680UF 20% 250V SNAP
3 493-8579-ND LGY1C822MELZ30 CAP ALUM 8200UF 20% 16V SNAP
2 493-15720-ND UPM1E102MHD6 CAP ALUM 1000UF 20% 25V RADIAL
wohali / used-synth-prices-aug-1994.txt
Last active Mar 2, 2020
Used Gear Price List (USA) from August 1994
View used-synth-prices-aug-1994.txt
From Tue Aug 30 15:39:57 EDT 1994
Article: 8609 of
Path: yale!!!!!!apol!netnews
From: (Aaron Oppenheimer)
Sender: (Usenet News)
Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 30 Aug 1994 17:50:42 GMT