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[AWS][CloudFront] 既存の CloudFront をまとめて IPv6 Enabled に変更する ref:
DIST_IDS=$(aws cloudfront list-distributions | jq -r '.DistributionList.Items[] | select(.IsIPV6Enabled == false) | .Id')
for DIST_ID in ${DIST_IDS}; do
ETAG=$(aws cloudfront get-distribution --id ${DIST_ID} | jq -r '.ETag')
jq -s '.[0] * .[1]' <(aws cloudfront get-distribution --id "${DIST_ID}" | jq '.Distribution.DistributionConfig') <(echo '{"IsIPV6Enabled": true}') > ${CONFIG_JSON}
aws cloudfront update-distribution --id ${DIST_ID} --distribution-config file://${CONFIG_JSON} --if-match ${ETAG}
rm -f ${CONFIG_JSON}
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