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Created November 21, 2022 23:21
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For those of you, that use (J)OSM. These are the guessed location of 7vsWild-Panama-Participants.
<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<osm version='0.6' generator='JOSM'>
<bounds minlat='8.1856646' minlon='-79.2105676' maxlat='8.3439914' maxlon='-79.0200235' origin='CGImap 0.8.8 (2833719' />
<node id='-142162' action='modify' visible='true' lat='8.31172035841' lon='-79.11800183064'>
<tag k='addr:unit' v='1' />
<tag k='contact:facebook' v='knossi' />
<tag k='contact:instagram' v='knossi' />
<tag k='contact:tiktok' v='TheRealKnossi' />
<tag k='contact:twitch' v='threalknossi' />
<tag k='contact:twitter' v='TheRealKnossi' />
<tag k='contact:youtube' v='knossi' />
<tag k='drinking_water' v='yes' />
<tag k='name' v='Knossi' />
<tag k='ref' v='Knossi' />
<tag k='tourism' v='camp_pitch' />
<node id='-142163' action='modify' visible='true' lat='8.29762061152' lon='-79.12667926284'>
<tag k='addr:unit' v='2' />
<tag k='contact:instagram' v='starletnova' />
<tag k='contact:twitch' v='starletnova' />
<tag k='contact:twitter' v='starletnova' />
<tag k='contact:youtube' v='starletnova' />
<tag k='name' v='Nova' />
<tag k='ref' v='Nova' />
<tag k='tourism' v='camp_pitch' />
<node id='-142164' action='modify' visible='true' lat='8.28330561446' lon='-79.12475873296'>
<tag k='addr:unit' v='3' />
<tag k='contact:instagram' v='bulletproofentrepreneur' />
<tag k='contact:twitch' v='otto_bulletproof' />
<tag k='contact:youtube' v='Bulletproofentrepreneur' />
<tag k='name' v='Otto' />
<tag k='ref' v='Otto' />
<tag k='tourism' v='camp_pitch' />
<tag k='website' v='' />
<node id='-142165' action='modify' visible='true' lat='8.22777989622' lon='-79.12719109478'>
<tag k='addr:unit' v='4' />
<tag k='contact:instagram' v='fritz.meinecke' />
<tag k='contact:twitch' v='fritz_meinecke' />
<tag k='contact:youtube' v='FritzMeinecke' />
<tag k='name' v='Fritz' />
<tag k='ref' v='Fritz' />
<tag k='tourism' v='camp_pitch' />
<node id='-142166' action='modify' visible='true' lat='8.2890031392' lon='-79.08570739089'>
<tag k='addr:unit' v='5' />
<tag k='contact:instagram' v='jrsrdy' />
<tag k='contact:twitch' v='joris_rdy' />
<tag k='contact:youtube' v='joris_rdy' />
<tag k='name' v='Joris' />
<tag k='ref' v='Joris' />
<tag k='tourism' v='camp_pitch' />
<node id='-142167' action='modify' visible='true' lat='8.30298618989' lon='-79.09513041672'>
<tag k='addr:unit' v='6' />
<tag k='contact:instagram' v='sascha_huber_official' />
<tag k='contact:twitch' v='saschahuberofficial' />
<tag k='contact:youtube' v='SaschaHuber' />
<tag k='name' v='Sascha' />
<tag k='ref' v='Sascha' />
<tag k='tourism' v='camp_pitch' />
<node id='-142168' action='modify' visible='true' lat='8.30931734921' lon='-79.10090635499'>
<tag k='addr:unit' v='7' />
<tag k='contact:instagram' v='sabrinaoutdoor' />
<tag k='contact:youtube' v='SabrinaOutdoor' />
<tag k='name' v='Sabrina' />
<tag k='ref' v='Sabrina' />
<tag k='tourism' v='camp_pitch' />
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