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xquery version "3.1";
declare variable $depth := 3;
declare variable $xml :=
document {
<div xml:id="d1">
<p>First <hi>section</hi> para 1</p>
<p>First <hi>section</hi> <hi>para</hi> 2</p>
<div xml:id="d2">
<p>First para in <hi>d2</hi></p>
wolfgangmm / gist:5880377
Last active Jul 16, 2020
eXist-db: reinstall dashboard and shared-resources if broken. Run the following query through eXide - or if this fails: the Java admin client.
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repo:install-and-deploy("", ""),
repo:install-and-deploy("", "")
wolfgangmm / gist:5871157
Created Jun 26, 2013
Change group on all resources/collections in eXist-db root collection.
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xquery version "3.0";
import module namespace dbutil="" at "/db/apps/shared-resources/content/dbutils.xql";
let $root := "/db"
dbutil:scan(xs:anyURI($root), function($collection, $resource) {
if ($resource) then
sm:chgrp($resource, "biblio.users")