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bad scrolling writing.pde
* Demonstrates the use of the GifAnimation library.
* Exports a GIF-File to the sketch folder if space
* bar is pressed. Wow, feels like 90's! ;)
import gifAnimation.*;
import processing.opengl.*;
GifMaker gifExport;
PImage img;
int length1 = 1000;
public void setup() {
size(1000, 420, OPENGL);
img = loadImage("text2.png");
println("gifAnimation " + Gif.version());
gifExport = new GifMaker(this, "export.gif");
gifExport.setRepeat(0); // make it an "endless" animation
gifExport.setTransparent(1,0,0); // make black the transparent color. every black pixel in the animation will be transparent
// GIF doesn't know have alpha values like processing. a pixel can only be totally transparent or totally opaque.
// set the processing background and the transparent gif color to the same value as the gifs destination background color
// (e.g. the website bg-color). Like this you can have the antialiasing from processing in the gif.
void draw() {
background(1, 0, 0);
// translate(width/2, height/2);
image(img, length1,height/4);
length1 = length1-1;
void keyPressed() {
println("gif saved");
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