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Philip Duncan Davies wonderphil

  • SonicTexture LTD
  • London
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ROM ruby:2.6.1
LABEL maintainer="Philip Davies <>"
# RUN printenv
# Install dependencies:
# - build-essential: To ensure certain gems can be compiled
# - nodejs: Compile assets
# - libpq-dev: Communicate with postgres through the postgres gem
# because node is shit
RUN curl -sL | bash - && apt-get install -y nodejs
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web_1 | ArgumentError: Unknown validator: 'EmailValidator'
web_1 | /usr/local/bundle/gems/activemodel-5.2.1/lib/active_model/validations/validates.rb:121:in `rescue in block in validates'
web_1 | /usr/local/bundle/gems/activemodel-5.2.1/lib/active_model/validations/validates.rb:118:in `block in validates'
web_1 | /usr/local/bundle/gems/activemodel-5.2.1/lib/active_model/validations/validates.rb:114:in `each'
web_1 | /usr/local/bundle/gems/activemodel-5.2.1/lib/active_model/validations/validates.rb:114:in `validates'
web_1 | /usr/local/bundle/gems/devise-security-0.13.0/lib/devise-security/models/secure_validatable.rb:51:in `block in included'
web_1 | /usr/local/bundle/gems/devise-security-0.13.0/lib/devise-security/models/secure_validatable.rb:25:in `class_eval'
web_1 | /usr/local/bundle/gems/devise-security-0.13.0/lib/devise-security/models/secure_validatable.rb:25:in `included'
web_1 | /usr/local/bundle/gems/devise-4.5.0/lib/devise/models.rb:105:in `incl
View packer-output
packer build -parallel=false -only amazon -var bbenvironment=bbstage -var aws_access_key=**** -var aws_secret_key=**** -var domain=bbstage-aws.local -var vpc=vpc-22aadf45 -var subnet=subnet-1a9af053 -var region=eu-west-1 -var instance_size=m4.large -var build_number=60 -var ebs_kms_key_id=**** -var ubuntu_version=16.04 -var ubuntu_code=xenial -var ami=ami-b11d17d7 ami/packer_config/ansible_base_ami.json
2017/11/28 17:16:22 [INFO] Packer version: 1.1.2
2017/11/28 17:16:22 Packer Target OS/Arch: linux amd64
2017/11/28 17:16:22 Built with Go Version: go1.9
2017/11/28 17:16:22 Detected home directory from env var: /home/ubuntu
2017/11/28 17:16:22 [DEBUG] Discovered plugin: vagrant-s3 = /home/ubuntu/.packer.d/plugins/packer-post-processor-vagrant-s3
2017/11/28 17:16:22 Using internal plugin for googlecompute
2017/11/28 17:16:22 Using internal plugin for profitbricks
2017/11/28 17:16:22 Using internal plugin for alicloud-ecs
2017/11/28 17:16:22 Using internal plugin for amazon-ebs
View packer.json
"description": "Packer template for Base AMI",
"variables": {
"bbrole": "amicreate",
"bbowners": null,
"bblocation": "aws",
"bbenvironment": null,
"aws_access_key": null,
"aws_secret_key": null,
"domain": null,
View gist:cd199fe0b0741c3f2983d2d0e1a127f3
### Keybase proof
I hereby claim:
* I am wonderphil on github.
* I am wonderphil ( on keybase.
* I have a public key ASC8WwDmvm3qmBAaj23MTc1pYqwwKwdwT_sb8YdXatZ9Pwo
To claim this, I am signing this object: