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Last active Oct 12, 2015
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FITC 2015 Toronto
TypeScript for Angular 2.0
Service Worker vs UI Threads
Disposable and Repeatable: Dev and Test Environments with Terraform‏
Terraform is a tool for automating and managing your physical and virtual servers, containers, DNS, and other resources. Start using it early to streamline your development and testing process, and reap the benefits as you move into production.
We’ll go through a few ways to apply the “Infrastructure as code” concept to your daily routine, and how Terraform can help you get there.
Sean Swehla
digital ocean - droplet compute team
infrastrcuture tool hashicporp declarative language
vagrant - painful
terraform - get the binary nice for Mac OS X
aws, digitalcoean, openstack
dnsmadeeasy, dnsimple
docker heroku
mailgun cloudflare
template files
deployment log in google doc
An Intro To ES6
Grant Skinner
ES6 Transpiler
Angular js type script
movide db example
best practices to use now to make the transition easier et‏
How to Make Your Email Design Workflow Fun Again
Lee Munroe
Images are better served on CDN than inline
Use <table> for Outlook
Target outlook by using conditional statements
Meida query
inline CSS
Static site generators such as jekyll and middleman
Grunt tasks to send to mailman and litmus
Grunt s3 upload
Useful service:
Building Isomorphic Web Applications in ReactJS/NodeJS
ReactJS finally delivers on the original promise of NodeJS: to build web applications that share code with the web server, to render dynamic pages with interactivity as easily as static pages, and to do it all at speed comparable to other major web frameworks.
Added Benefits
React simple declarative
State dom
Server side rendering
Component composable
Css liveroad
Chrome Extension Angular Scope Inspector
Help you debug AngularJs scope, inside the Elements tab of the Developer Toolbar.
Angular scope inspector helps you see the scope when you select an element using the Element Inspector or the Elements tab in the Developer Toolbar.
This tool will show you if the element's scope is isolated, inherited from a parent element, It shows the controller that is above that scope and has a view to see only your scope property (it actually filters any scope attribute that starts with dollar sign).
What’s New in Chrome DevTools?
Addy Osmani
Throttling - limit bandwidth (emulate being at Starbucks), block third party libraries for testing
Screenshots with load timeline
Paint - visualization of layers in 3D
Change javascripts and run on the fly
Eyedropeer with color palette
Console Commands
Find selector
Edit html console
$0 last element sel
$$ - $$('a') // returns all link elements
Copy inspect
Blackbox in Debugger - exclude Angular libraries that make it easier to step thru
Promise inspector
More goodies found on
Web Components
Jeff Tapper
Web Components provide a necessary element for large scale applications: the ability to build Web Apps as a set of encapsulated, maintainable and reusable components. In order to use Web Components, a series of emerging web platform features such as the Shadow DOM, HTML Imports and Custom elements need to be used, each of which have varying support in browsers today. However, with the help of the Polymer project – a set of polyfills and an application framework using these principles – Web Components can be used today.
In this session Jeff Tapper will explore Web Components, and walk through the creation of a Web Component for a modern JavaScript project.
Digital primates
Twitter button examples and so on
I Left early
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