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Last active August 29, 2015 14:17
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/* create_window
Create a new X window on the specified display (must be opened) at the given
coordinates with the given constraints.
Display *disp - a pointer to the X display
int max_width, max_height - the maximum pixel width and height of the window
int width, height - the starting pixel width and height of the window
int min_width, min_height - the minimum pixel width and height of the window
int x, y - the starting coordinates of the upper left corner of the window
Window create_window(Display *disp, int max_width, int max_height int width,
int height, int min_width, int min_height, int x, int y)
int screen;
Window wind;
XSizeHints *wind_size_hints;
screen = DefaultScreen(disp);
wind = XCreateSimpleWindow(disp, RootWindow(disp, screen),
x, y, /* the upper left start coordinates */
width, height, /* the dimensions of the window */
0, /* the size of window borders - 0 for none */
BlackPixel(disp, screen), WhitePixel(disp, screen));
wind_size_hints = XAllocSizeHints();
wind_size_hints->min_width = min_width;
wind_size_hints->min_height = min_height;
wind_size_hints->width = width;
wind_size_hints->height = height;
wind_size_hints->max_width = max_width;
wind_size_hints->max_height = max_height;
XSetWMNormalHints(disp, wind, wind_size_hints);
XMapWindow(disp, wind);
return wind;
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