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WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator custom unit normalize
add_filter( 'wc_measurement_price_calculator_normalize_table', 'wc_measurement_price_calculator_normalize_table' );
* Add conversions for any custom units to the appropriate standard unit
function wc_measurement_price_calculator_normalize_table( $normalize_table ) {
// 1 league = 18,228.3465 ft
$normalize_table['league'] = array( 'factor' => 18228.3465, 'unit' => 'ft' );
return $normalize_table;

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@matteoraggi matteoraggi commented Feb 12, 2016

In which folder of woocommerce 2.5.2 or of the plugin woocommerce-measurement-price-calculator I should insert the file wc-measurement-price-calculator-unit-normalize.php ?


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@onebook0505 onebook0505 commented Apr 3, 2019

Hi @bekarice,why woocommerce_area_unit is not working?

in measurement tab, if not enabled Calculated Price,how can i show the product dimensions in the cart?

WooCommerce version 3.5.7
WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator version 3.14.0

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