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Created March 9, 2018 15:06
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[WooCommerce Drip] This filter allows you to customize the subscriber custom fields sent to Drip. This is an example of sending the first and last names instead of a general full name:
add_filter( 'wcdrip_custom_fields', 'drip_add_first_last_fields', 10, 5 );
function drip_add_first_last_fields( $filters, $email, $lifetime_value, $products, $order ) {
unset( $filters['name'] );
$filters['first_name'] = $order->billing_first_name;
$filters['last_name'] = $order->billing_last_name;
return $filters;
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If I'm looking to grab an additional field that is a checkbox, how would I do that to pass along into Drip as a custom field?

I'm testing this along with the first_name and it's not storing the first_name either, so either this no longer works or I'm not doing something correctly.

Any thoughts/help would be appreciated, thank you in advance!

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Hi, Im using the filter wcdrip_custom_fields in order to send custom values to drip. But one thing that I noticed is that this only works if a returning customer has purchased a product from my site. But if the customer purchases something for the very first time the custom info is not sent to drip.

Any help?

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