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Adjust the quantity input values
* Adjust the quantity input values
add_filter( 'woocommerce_quantity_input_args', 'jk_woocommerce_quantity_input_args', 10, 2 ); // Simple products
function jk_woocommerce_quantity_input_args( $args, $product ) {
if ( is_singular( 'product' ) ) {
$args['input_value'] = 2; // Starting value (we only want to affect product pages, not cart)
$args['max_value'] = 80; // Maximum value
$args['min_value'] = 2; // Minimum value
$args['step'] = 2; // Quantity steps
return $args;
add_filter( 'woocommerce_available_variation', 'jk_woocommerce_available_variation' ); // Variations
function jk_woocommerce_available_variation( $args ) {
$args['max_qty'] = 80; // Maximum value (variations)
$args['min_qty'] = 2; // Minimum value (variations)
return $args;
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samex commented Jun 7, 2018

If $args['step'] is greater then 1, decrease not working. Some idea why?

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mikeg-de commented Aug 3, 2018

Min-value also seems to not properly been propagated and max not at all:
<input type="number" id="quantity_5b63fc70069c4" class="input-text qty text" step="50" min="1" max="" name="quantity" value="50" title="Menge" size="4" pattern="[0-9]*" inputmode="numeric" aria-labelledby="">

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Auramae commented May 17, 2020

This snippet doesn't work when i have variations in the shows the quantity option but then as soon as I select one of the variations (ie colour, or size) the quantity disappears! Any fix?

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I did entry quantity steps to 1000 but on-site front end when we add the product it increases by 01 unit only? Any suggestions on how to overcome this?

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Did anyone solve the above question? We cannot get the quantity steps to work either...

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how can add this function to a specific product?

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lbeetles commented Dec 3, 2020

Is there a way for it to exclude certain products or only applied to certain categories?

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Pityvert commented Dec 6, 2021

Did anyone find the answer for Ibeetles question? I am also looking for than answer

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