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Dropbox Design Guidelines
  • Use a flat folder structure, organized by client name

    • No numbers, unicode dots or dashes in front of folder names
    • Never create empty directories
  • If there are less than 10 total items (design assets, screenshots, etc) there should be no sub-directories

    • This rule also applies to nested sub-directories
    • Never create empty directories
  • Files should follow a naming structure that's consistent from within a given client folder

    • We do not need to strive for consistency between clients
    • Source files (photoshop, ai, sketch) should always be included
    • Fonts and other embedded assets should also be included along side the source files
  • Always put things in dropbox

    • Never stage files locally (do everything dropbox)
    • Never email files around (ok if sending to clients)
    • Never send "sharing" links from dropbox
    • Syncing (or selective syncing) is the only acceptable means of sharing things internally
  • Keep it simple. There's always time to add complexity later

  • In the event that a client needs to be shared multiple files:

    • Create a folder for the client in Design-Clients
    • Use "sharing" links to distribute these files to clients
    • Never do new work in the client-facing directory
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