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Grammar, undescriptive

Edited by a new user after 10 hours. On Easter Sunday, admittedly, but it was also answered immediately. That answerer did edit, but didn't touch the title.


Up for 4 hours, 1 answer (accepted), edited by two moderators, no title edits


5 hours, three answers by regulars, no edits


3 hours, answered almost immediately, several comments, no edits

Capitalization, undescriptive, (and "need help")

9 hours old, edited 3 times for typos, but title not touched


8 hours, two answers (one accepted) one by a regular, no edits


5 hours, commented on by a mod, answered by a high-rep user, no edits

Undescriptive, possibly grammar

12 hours, two answers by regulars. Edited once by suggestion that didn't make it a whole lot better.

8 hours, edited twice for formatting, two early answers, one accepted


Only 3 hours, but comments and answer by two of the top site users. No edits.


Up for 6 hours, answered by half a dozen site regulars. Edited by one person to add a tag and remove "Thanks"


Edited 12 hours later by a low-rep user, lots of early answers, two by site regulars


Up for 5 hours, 3 answers, no edits.

Capitalization, possibly grammar

1 hour old, edited but only for formatting

Capitalization, somewhat undescriptive
5 hours, 4 answers, one tag edit

Completely undescriptive

32 hours, 8 answers with scores of votes and commments. Edited once by a moderator, did not touch title.

Capitalization, undescriptive

4 hours, 5 upvotes on accepted answer. No edits.

Capitalization, grammar, undescriptive

5 hours, 2 upvoted answers by high-rep users. Edits only to MathJax.

More low-hanging fruit

Capitalization, punctuation

6 hours, answered by a regular after an hour, lots of comments, no edits.


3 hours, very low views, but accepted answer from 70k rep user with 6 upvotes. No edits.


1 hour, upvoted answer by top user. (Very low views.) Edited once by OP.

Grammar (spelling)

30 hours, 7 answers with scores of votes and comments. Edited once by a top user, to add a tag.

Grammar (punctuation)

5 hours, 2 answers, lots of upvotes. Edited only by OP.

Here's a handful more that I just captured without recording stats.

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