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JugglingDB with Postgres
var q = require('q');
var Schema = require('jugglingdb').Schema;
var schema = new Schema('postgres', {
database: 'woonketwong',
username: 'woonketwong'
// The first argument to schema.define is the table
// and schema name. Do not use any capital letter
// in the table name because the database create table
// in low case letters.
var Computer = schema.define("computer", {
name: {type: String},
email: {type: String},
// The schema.autoupdate function is asynchronous
// If you start saving to a table before it is created,
// postgres throws error.
// Therefore, I created this updateSchema function with
// q and promise to make sure accesses to table
// doesn't happen until it is created
var updateSchema = function(){
var deferred = q.defer();
console.log("updating schema");
console.log("*** db schema update is done", msg)
deferred.resolve('deferred resolved!!');
return deferred.promise;
// call updateSchema, and write to the table
var computer = new Computer({
name: "William",
email: ""
}); (err) {
if (err) {
console.log("ERROR in writing to table!!!");
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