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I'll stop the world and Rust with you 🎵

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I'll stop the world and Rust with you 🎵
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workingjubilee / mm.h
Created May 27, 2020 08:49
Excerpts from Windows' mmreg.h (from Windows SDK 10.0.19041.0) relating to RIFF WAVE files
/* INFO LIST CHUNKS (from the Multimedia Programmer's Reference
plus new ones)
#define RIFFINFO_IARL mmioFOURCC ('I', 'A', 'R', 'L') /*Archival location */
#define RIFFINFO_IART mmioFOURCC ('I', 'A', 'R', 'T') /*Artist */
#define RIFFINFO_ICMS mmioFOURCC ('I', 'C', 'M', 'S') /*Commissioned */
#define RIFFINFO_ICMT mmioFOURCC ('I', 'C', 'M', 'T') /*Comments */
#define RIFFINFO_ICOP mmioFOURCC ('I', 'C', 'O', 'P') /*Copyright */
#define RIFFINFO_ICRD mmioFOURCC ('I', 'C', 'R', 'D') /*Creation date of subject */
#define RIFFINFO_ICRP mmioFOURCC ('I', 'C', 'R', 'P') /*Cropped */
workingjubilee / gist:e7a44b3ae334b43f45365f8987f133c0
Created November 22, 2019 23:24 — forked from debasishg/gist:8172796
A collection of links for streaming algorithms and data structures
  1. General Background and Overview
workingjubilee /
Last active June 13, 2019 05:31
Python2 projects that need Python3 updates:

Python2 is about to die...

But a lot of modern Python code still depends on it. This is a problem because as the years drag on, we will begin to forget the differences. The data for conversions can become lost. It is important to update now while we still remember. While it'd be nice to just tell everyone to update their modules, transitions are not always simple (I should know). So the only way to resolve Python2 dependencies is to send PRs to projects. Then maintainers will become free to shed their Python2 support, or at least Python3 code can be completely forked if legacy support becomes a concern, and Python3 code can depend on Python3 code either way, which can be kept up to date and maintained by new developers who have never read a line of Python2 before.

This list focuses on Python modules that continue to support or are directly enmeshed with the Python3 ecosystem in some way. Excellent examples are RPython and Twisted: RPython uses 2.7 Python, but is critical to PyPy, which supports 3.x Pythons