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Useful stuff from Thanet Technology

Thanet Technology

Thanet Technology is a monthly meetup for Geeks in Thanet and beyond. We invite speakers to talk to us on a range of interesting subjects under the umbrella of Technology from marketing to coding to art. The meetup is held on the last Thursday of each month. Be certain not to miss out on future events by subscribing to our emails at The Geekery's Website.

Zoom Meetup Recordings on YouTube

July 2021: Cyber Risks Matt Mapleston, Walkabout Projection, Shaun PRICKIMAGE
June 2021: Matt Mapleston 3D Printing, FPGAs, Discussions on future events, the digital divide, environmental monitoring projects
May 2021: Main Recording and Melanie King with presentation
April 2021: Lawrence Archard/David Whale Making the micro:bit and Alan O'Donohoe Inspiring digital makers
March 2021: Alice Pi Song, Andy Stanford-Clark IoT Gadgets, Sean Clark Internet of Art Things
February 2021: micro:bit, TinkerCAD, Online Marketing, Lee Berwick, Australian Couple

Meetup Tabs

Links to webpages we looked at during each meetup.

August 2021: Anti-vibration mounts, Matt M0LMK talking about Experimenting with Airwaves 23 Tabs
July 2021: Furby mystery object rabbit hole to IoT Botnets, Shaun PrickImage Walkabout Projection, Hybrid Zoom/IRL 20 Tabs
June 2021: 3D Printing Workflow, Sharing the Joy of Tech 17 Webpage Links
May 2021: Quantum Entanglement Oscillograph, My Binary Relationship. 28 Webpage Links
April 2021: Education Edition: Making the micro:bit, Inspiring with science. 38 Webpage Links
March 2021: Internet of Things, Internet of Art Things, 27 Webpage LinksTabs
February 2021: Online Marketing, Lee Berwick Sound Artist etc. 20 Webpage Links

Mystery Items

Furby Connect:
USB Hook:
Bondic Plastic Weld: Bondic Webpage
Air Umbrella: On Kickstarter Rain drum doesn't exist (yet!)
Wire Loom Tool: Thingiverse Downloadable Design
Field Programmeable Gate Array: EEVblog #496, YouTube
Furby to Global Warfare: Furby Wikipedia

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