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var g = require('../garcon/lib/garçon');
var server = g.Server.create({proxyHost: 'localhost', proxyPort: 8080});
var myapp;
var shouldBuild = false;
var stdHtmlBody = [
 '<div id="loading">',
   '<p id="loading">',
myapp = g.App.create({
 name: 'myapp',
 theme: 'sc-theme',
 htmlBody: stdHtmlBody,
 htmlHead: '<title>MyApp</title>',
 hasSC: true,
configSC: {
frameworkNames: "jquery runtime core_foundation foundation datastore statechart animation desktop".w()
 frameworks: [
   { path: 'frameworks/sproutcore/themes/empty_theme'},
//   { path: 'frameworks/sproutcore/themes/standard_theme'},
   { path: 'frameworks/sproutcore/themes/legacy_theme'}, // for SC 1.5
{ path: 'frameworks/sproutcore/themes/ace'},
{ path: 'frameworks/Thoth-SC'},
{ path: 'frameworks/sproutcore/frameworks/experimental/frameworks/split_view'},
{ path: 'frameworks/sproutcore-upload'},
  { path: 'apps/myapp'}
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