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raising my 2 kids (Amazon Alexa for Android, and my son Felix)

Nano workwithnano

raising my 2 kids (Amazon Alexa for Android, and my son Felix)
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workwithnano / LogSymbols.applescript
Last active May 20, 2016
Log ticker symbols from investment accounts in Quicken 2016 using AppleScript
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tell application "Quicken 2016"
set quickenDocument to front document
set tickerSymbols to ""
repeat with theAccount in accounts of quickenDocument
set accountType to type of theAccount
set isInvestmentAccount to my stringContains(name of accountType, {"BROKERAGE", "RETIREMENT"})
if isInvestmentAccount is true then
set accountName to name of theAccount
log "Account: " & accountName
workwithnano / simulator_populator
Last active Aug 29, 2015 — forked from cabeca/simulator_populator
This script removes and recreates all simulators in Xcode 6.
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#!/usr/bin/env ruby
device_types_output = `xcrun simctl list devicetypes`
device_types = device_types_output.scan /(.*) \((.*)\)/
runtimes_output = `xcrun simctl list runtimes`
runtimes = runtimes_output.scan /(.*) \(.*\) \(([^)]+)\)$/
devices_output = `xcrun simctl list devices`
devices = devices_output.scan /\s\s\s\s(.*) \(([^)]+)\) (.*)/
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Keybase proof

I hereby claim:

  • I am workwithnano on github.
  • I am nanderson ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key whose fingerprint is 720B 672B 828E DEB4 E1A2 B7DC 9744 A3B3 7785 0846

To claim this, I am signing this object:

workwithnano / MTFGestures.rb
Created Nov 10, 2012
Calling define_method in RubyMotion Module (v 1.27)
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module MTFGestures
def gestureRecognizerWithCompletionBlock( gestureClassString, target, completion )
case gestureClassString
when "UIPanGestureRecognizer" then
# Define the panning delegate method based
# on the completion handler passed to this
workwithnano / rake
Created Sep 22, 2012
_kCFBooleanTrue4, what's with the number 4 at the end of the constant?
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Nanos-MacBook-Air:zinemachine nano$ rake --trace
** Invoke default (first_time)
** Invoke simulator (first_time)
** Invoke build:simulator (first_time)
** Execute build:simulator
/usr/bin/env VM_KERNEL_PATH="/Library/RubyMotion/data/6.0/iPhoneSimulator/kernel-i386.bc" VM_OPT_LEVEL="0" /Library/RubyMotion/bin/ruby --uses-bs "/Library/RubyMotion/data/6.0/BridgeSupport/RubyMotion.bridgesupport" --uses-bs "/Library/RubyMotion/data/6.0/BridgeSupport/UIKit.bridgesupport" --uses-bs "/Library/RubyMotion/data/6.0/BridgeSupport/CoreVideo.bridgesupport" --uses-bs "/Library/RubyMotion/data/6.0/BridgeSupport/CoreImage.bridgesupport" --uses-bs "/Library/RubyMotion/data/6.0/BridgeSupport/Security.bridgesupport" --uses-bs "/Library/RubyMotion/data/6.0/BridgeSupport/Foundation.bridgesupport" --uses-bs "/Library/RubyMotion/data/6.0/BridgeSupport/CoreGraphics.bridgesupport" --uses-bs "/Library/RubyMotion/data/6.0/BridgeSupport/CoreFoundation.bridgesupport" --uses-bs "/Library/RubyMotion/data/6.0/BridgeSupport/