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NixOS 20.09 GO / NO-GO Meeting

Sounds so good you won't believe it.

tags: Meeting


  1. Intentions
  2. Roll Call (soundcheck)
  3. Blocker Review 40min
    • Review Release Notes 10min
  4. GO / NO-GO Decision 5min
  5. Setting the goal date 5min
  • Participants:**
    • Aaron Anderse (@aanderse)
    • Eelco Dolstra (@edolstra)
    • Daiderd Jordan (@LnL7)
    • Thomas Tuegel (@ttuegel)
  • Release Managers:
    • Jon Ringer (@jonringer)
    • WORLDofPEACE (@worldofpeace)
  • Contact Information:
  • References


☮️ Intentions

  • A brief explanation of the intentions of the meeting

:speaking_head_in_silhouette: Roll Call

  • Participants will identify what subsystems and users they are representing.

🔍 Blocker Review

  • Review each listed bug and related issues and decide on priority. Make sure your bug is in this thread before the meeting.

Issues Reviewed

QA for plasma should be done. Needs staging for 20.09 to be merged GNOME still needs to be QA'd properly.

Needs new issue, not a blocker.

Fix to be committed @worldofpeace

Eelco made a fix so that the endpoint would be available. Needs work.

Release notes still need work. Also feedback from the marketing team and some extra proofreading. @worldofpeace mentioned that, along with Q.A of the ISO images, we need a formal Q.A team for the proofreading.

@worldofpeace decided outside the meeting to make an issue to verify the release notes in vein of

"The marketing side of the release" basically. @garbas wasn't present in the meeting so most things are yet to be determined where they are.

Work needed:

  • Release announcement
  • Release notes with channel-diff info?

PRs Reviewed

No PRs were reviewed this meeting.

Blocker Project

Quick links

20.09 milestone

Bugs as "severity.blocker" in milestone

PRs as "severity.blocker" in milestone

🎯 GO / NO-GO Decision


There is still work that needs to be done. Though we're very close to being ready for a release.

📆 Setting the goal date

Because NixCon is starting next Friday @worldofpeace will be unavailable (they're mc), and we wouldn't want to conflict with a community event like this.

The options we discussed

  • make another when2meet to talk again after that Friday

This is going to delay the release even more 😦

  • meet on Monday

The issue with that was we need to talk with @garbas in the meeting or we won't have anything useful to go over.


Getting in contact with @garbas some way or another.


@ttuegel mentioned an issue with the download page:

An easy one.

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