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Rxjava Retry With Exponential Backoff
import java.util.concurrent.TimeUnit;
import rx.Observable;
import rx.functions.Func1;
import rx.functions.Func2;
import rx.schedulers.Schedulers;
* Created by jimmy on 30/05/2017.
public class RetryWithExponentialBackOff implements Func1<Observable<? extends Throwable>, Observable<?>> {
private final int maxRetries;
private final int retryDelayMillis;
private long currentRetryCount;
public RetryWithExponentialBackOff(final int maxRetries, final int retryDelayMillis) {
this.maxRetries = maxRetries;
this.retryDelayMillis = retryDelayMillis;
this.currentRetryCount = 0;
public Observable<?> call(Observable<? extends Throwable> errors) {
return errors
.zipWith(Observable.range(1, maxRetries > 0 ? maxRetries : Integer.MAX_VALUE), (Func2<Throwable, Integer, Throwable>) (throwable, attemptNumber) -> throwable)
.flatMap(new Func1<Throwable, Observable<Long>>() {
public Observable<Long> call(Throwable throwable) {
if (throwable instanceof IOException) {
long newInterval = retryDelayMillis * (currentRetryCount * currentRetryCount);
if (newInterval < 0) {
return Observable.error(new Throwable("Interval out of bounds!"));
return Observable.timer(newInterval, TimeUnit.MILLISECONDS, Schedulers.immediate());
} else {
return Observable.error(throwable);

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gracefulife commented Jan 11, 2018

.java 가 빠져있어서 신택스 하이라이팅이 안되는군요.

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