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step-by-step how to get canon eos sdk working with openframeworks / C++ on OSX
get canon sdk working with openframeworks
1. Register as canon developer & download canon sdk
2. EDSDK.framework in canon sdk download doesn't seem to be working. Download the latest EOS Utility from for you camera. You might not have a previous EOS Utility install or a CD. You can force the installer to install EOS utility:
1/ Copy the updater app from the dmg to your desktop
2/ Right click and choose Show Package Contents…
3/ Delete the file Contents/Resources/Info.datx
4/ After that run the updater app again. You should be able to install the EOS Utility
3. Replace the EDSDK.framework from the SDK download by the one from EOS Utility:
1/ Show Package Contents from Application/Canon Utilities/EOS Utility/EOS
2/ Copy Contents/Frameworks/EDSDK.framework over to YOUR_CANON_SDK_LOCATION/EDSDK/Framework (remove the previous one)
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