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spof% ~git master brew list
ansible hub msgpack readline
autoconf hugo mysql reattach-to-user-namespace
automake icu4c neovim redis
awscli imagemagick ngrok ruby
cmake jemalloc nkf ruby-build
coreutils jpeg nmap sqlite
curl jq node sshrc
curlish kotlin numpy supervisor
direnv libevent nvm terraform
fcrackzip libpng oniguruma the_silver_searcher
freetype libsass openssl tig
gdbm libtermkey openssl@1.1 tmux
geoip libtiff pcre tree
gettext libtool peco unibilium
git libuv perl vim
go libvterm pkg-config watchman
gradle libxml2 postgresql wget
heroku libyaml python xz
heroku-node lzlib python3 yarn
heroku-toolbelt mas rbenv zsh
httpie maven rbenv-default-gems
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