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Show Markers on the Google Maps Using Remote JSON File
function wpgmp_marker_source($markers,$map_id) {
/* You can create array of the markers to add on the google maps dynamically. It's very useful hook if you want to fetch
locations from an external database, API, JSON or XML.
$markers = array();
$json_entries = wp_remote_get('');
$array_entries = json_decode($json_entries['body'], true);
if(!empty($array_entries)) {
// Loop Start Here...
foreach($array_entries as $key => $entry) {
if($key == 0 ) {
continue; //Skip header column in the csv.
$marker = array();
$marker['title'] = $entry[0]; // Assign a title to the marker.
$marker['address'] = $entry[1]; // Assign an address to the marker.
$marker['latitude'] =$entry[2]; // Assign latitude to the marker.
$marker['longitude'] =$entry[3]; // Assign longitude to the marker.
$marker['message'] =$entry[4]; // Show Infowindow message on marker click.
$markers[] = $marker;
// Loop ended Here...
return $markers; // Return array of markers.
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