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Created September 16, 2017 06:37
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Arrange position of map and listing using hook
add_filter('wpgmp_map_output','wpgmp_map_output',1,3 );
function wpgmp_map_output($output,$map_div,$listing_div,$map_id) {
// You can use $map_div and $listing_div to place them according to your need.
$output = "<div style='float:right'>".$map_div."</div>";
$output .= "<div style='float:left'>".$listing_div."</div>";
return $output;
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There's an error in the code:
The number of accepted arguments has to be 4, not 3.

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Is it possible to write a conditional that allows this code to work only on large and medium devices? The side by side feature is great, but not on a mobile device.

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