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@wplit wplit/style.css
Last active Mar 26, 2020

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Allow tabbing across the sub menu items in Oxygen Menu (for keyboard user)
/* Allows focus on sub menu items by tabbing menu
------------------------------------------------ */
.oxy-nav-menu:not(.oxy-nav-menu-open) .menu-item .sub-menu {
right: 5000px;
visibility: visible;
.oxy-nav-menu:not(.oxy-nav-menu-open).menu-item .sub-menu .sub-menu {
right: auto;
.oxy-nav-menu:not(.oxy-nav-menu-open) .menu-item:hover > .sub-menu,
.oxy-nav-menu:not(.oxy-nav-menu-open) .menu-item:focus-within > .sub-menu {
right: auto;
opacity: 1;
/* Match color changes on focus to be the same as on hover
(This needs to be changed to match colors on website as set in Oxygen)
------------------------------------------------ */
.oxy-nav-menu:not(.oxy-nav-menu-open) .menu-item:focus-within a,
.oxy-nav-menu:not(.oxy-nav-menu-open) .menu-item a:focus {
background-color: #6799b2;
color: #fff!important;

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zviz commented Mar 26, 2020

Hi there
thanks for the snippet.
will it work on the new pro-menu?

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