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Code for Running an AJAX Search in WordPress
( function( $ ) {
// hooks everything into document ready
$(document).ready( function() {
// create a function to actually fire the search
function dosearch(t) {
// do the ajax request for job search
type: 'post',
url: myplugin_js.ajaxurl, // the localized name of your file
data: {
action: 'myplugin_ajax_search_jobs', // the wp_ajax_ hook name
search: t
// what happens on success
success: function( result ) {
// if the ajax call returns no results
if( result === 'error' ) {
// set the html of the element with the class to no results
$( '.ajax-results' ).html( 'No results' );
// we have results to display
} else {
// populate the results markup in the element with the class of ajax-results
$( '.ajax-results' ).html( result );
var thread = null;
// when the keyboard press is relased in the input with the class ajax-search
$('.ajax-search').keyup(function() {
// clear our timeout variable - to start the timer again
// set a variable to reference our current element ajax-search
var $this = $(this);
// set a timeout to wait for a second before running the dosearch function
thread = setTimeout(
function() {
}) ( jQuery );
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