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const x:num = 123.456; // this is a constant that never changes
const y:str = "hello world"; // constant string literal
var a:str = "hello"; // create a string variable, and assign to string literal
var b:num = 23.4; // create a number variable, and assign number
var c:str[] = ["hello", "world"]; // create an array variable, assign literal
CWD = "/path/to/current/directory"; // CWD is a special variable that can be set or read, and represents the current working directory
print(ARG[0]); // ARG is a spcecial variable that can only be read; it is a str[]. The first argument (zero index) is the first argument passed to the script.
// the main point of the language is executing other programs and managing STDOUT and STDERR and the return codes
// all programs are executed via the built-in run command
// the built-in run function returns a named tuple so that you can get the exit code, STDOUT, and STDERR
var (exit_code:num, stdout:pipe, stderr:pipe) = run("/path/to/program");
// you can get any of the items from the tuple via their name if you don't need them all
var exit_code = run("/path/to/program").exit_code
// pipes are special variable types, they cannot be created directly, only from running commands
// they are used to control the input and output of a command, and can be chained together in interesting ways:
// - + using the plus sign, will read line-by-line a pipe until EOF is read, then read the next one
// - zip will interleave line-by-line two pipes, continuing to read whichever pipe is longer
// you can use the .run method on any pipe to send it as input to another program
var out_a:pipe = run("/path/to/program_a").stdout;
var out_b:pipe = run("/path/to/program_b").stdout;
(out_a + out_b).run("/path/to/program_c").exit_code
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