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Example of my "Duties" API
var Duties = require('./index.js');
var main = new Duties();
var bot = new Bot(); // stub for other bot related code
var MiningTask = function* MiningTask(d, config) {
while(true) {
var block = bot.findBlockToBreak();
d.add(NavigateTask, block.location);
d.add(BreakBlockTask, block);
yield {};
var NavigateTask = function* NavigateTask(d, location) {
bot.navigate(location, d.resume);
yield d.suspend();
var BreakBlockTask = function* BreakBlockTask(d, block) {
bot.breakBlock(block, d.resume);
yield d.suspend();
var ExecuteTask = function* ExecuteTask(d, target) {
while(!target.dead) {
bot.attack(target, d.resume)
yield d.suspend();
main.add(MiningTask, {});
bot.on('threatDetected', function(threat) {
main.add(ExecuteTask, threat);
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