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Created February 7, 2024 12:14
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Sichuan’s crackdown on pornography and illegal activities
Propaganda Department of the Sichuan Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China Sichuan
Release Sichuan Province’s “anti-pornography and anti-illegal activities” policies and regulations,
information trends, industry knowledge, etc.
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Chengdu: Three "exquisite" measures escort the World Science Fiction Conference
Sichuan Anti-Pornography and Censorship>
Will protect you
Sichuan Anti-Pornography and Anti-Illegal Affairs 2023-10-25 17:31 Posted in Sichuan
The World Science Fiction Convention was held in Chengdu from October 18th to 22nd. The Chengdu Anti-Pornography and
Anti-Illegal Affairs Office paid close attention to key foreign-related areas and strictly controlled key links such
as salons, book signings, and book clubs to protect the World Science Fiction Convention.
20 business backbones were assigned to form a special work team to sort out and analyze possible risk points
such as political, ethnic and religious publications, audiovisuals, and mobile games, formulate work plans, and break down
work tasks; 160 people in 14 themed salons were More than a dozen venue controllers and coordinators conducted
training on "how to identify illegal publications".
The second is to carefully organize and divide 3 special teams to review the content of 1,512 works in 5
categories including cultural and creative, literary, and artistic shortlisted for the Chengdu World Science
Fiction Conference. Works suspected of involving politics, ethnic groups, and religions Carry out strict
control and make suggestions for disposal of 12 controversial works involving LGBT.
The third is to accurately control the administration of exhibitors
Policy and regulations training, more than 3,000 pieces (volumes) of promotional materials were distributed
on site, and at the same time, the local press, publishing, cultural law enforcement and other departments
were jointly carried out law enforcement inspections on more than 1,200 publications sold by exhibitors
at the Chengdu Science Fiction Conference theme exhibition, and four special teams were organized Routine
inspections were carried out from time to time on the 221 theme salons of the conference, and specialists
were assigned to supervise the entire process of 30 key theme salons, and 24 emergencies were handled,
without causing negative public opinion.
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