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Run Ubuntu with iohyve

Setup new server

  • iohyve create ubuntuguest 8G
  • iohyve set ubuntuguest loader=grub-bhyve
  • iohyve set ubuntuguest os=debian
  • iohyve set ubuntuguest ram=512M
  • iohyve set ubuntuguest cpu=2
  • iohyve set ubuntuguest con=nmdm1
  • iohyve install ubuntuguest ubuntu-14.04.3-server-amd64.iso
  • Drop in the console: iohyve console ubuntuguest
  • Destroy iohyve iohyve destroy ubuntuguest
  • Start again: iohyve start ubuntuguest
  • Console: iohyve console ubuntuguest
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