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Throughout my life I have always have been the hacker who hacks the (evil)hacker

wuseman wuseman

Throughout my life I have always have been the hacker who hacks the (evil)hacker
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wuseman /
Created August 20, 2022 07:49 — forked from Arinerron/
"Root" via dirtyc0w privilege escalation exploit (automation script) / Android (32 bit)
# Give the usual warning.
echo "[INFO] Automated Android root script started.\n\n[WARN] Exploit requires sdk module \"NDK\".\nFor more information, visit the installation guide @\n[INFO] Press Ctrl+C to stop the script if you need to install the NDK module. Waiting 10 seconds...";
sleep 10;
# Download and extract exploit files.
echo "[INFO] Downloading exploit files from GitHub...";
wuseman / .lftp.mockup.rc
Last active July 18, 2022 20:43 — forked from gaubert/.lftp.mockup.rc
~/.lftp.rc parameters detailed
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########## SETTINGS
# On startup, lftp executes ~/.lftprc and ~/.lftp/rc. You can place aliases and 'set' commands
# there. Some people prefer to see full protocol debug, use 'debug' to turn the debug on.
# Certain commands and settings take a time interval parameter. It has the format Nx[Nx...], where N is time amount
# (floating point) and x is time unit: d - days, h - hours, m - minutes, s - seconds. Default unit is second. E.g.
# 5h30m or 5.5h. Also the interval can be 'infinity', 'inf', 'never', 'forever' - it means infinite interval. E.g.
# 'sleep forever' or 'set dns:cache-expire never'.
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# Cracking Sublime Text ( Build 4121 ) Tutorial Analysis
Two main changes to be made for best experience. This can be done with script.
### License Key
While it is possible to deduce the format of the license key, there is available ones online to show. Analyse and see that it is still that same format. The main part is the verification of the hash values from the license key that we want to always be "correct". This is also the key that this tutorial will use.