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Generating package.xml snippet to get email templates to IDE Winter '12
// Derived from
String output = '\n<types>\n';
List<EmailTemplate> templates = [Select e.FolderId, e.DeveloperName From EmailTemplate e];
Map<Id, Folder> folders = new Map<Id, Folder>([Select f.Id, f.DeveloperName From Folder f where f.DeveloperName != null]);
Set<Id> folderIds = new Set<Id>();
for (EmailTemplate template: templates) {
if (folders.keySet().contains(template.FolderId)) {
if (folderIds.contains(template.FolderId)) {
output += '\t<members>' + folders.get(template.FolderId).DeveloperName + '</members>\n';
output += '\t<members>' + folders.get(template.FolderId).DeveloperName + '/' + template.DeveloperName + '</members>\n';
output += '</types>\n';
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anupj commented Dec 22, 2011

Hi Paul,

Nice one! Thanks for the code!
A quick observation - I'm not sure why you need the if statement on line 10, the 'if' statement on line 11 should suffice.

I haven't tested this, but the output should be the same if you remove the if statement from line 10.


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Without the check, you'll throw a NullPointerException when getting the DeveloperName on line 15

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anupj commented Dec 22, 2011

ahh...makes sense..thanks!

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