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Last active Aug 29, 2015
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Makefile to install and run the confluent inc platform for CI purposes.
.PHONY: confluent/kafka/* confluent/zookeeper/* confluent/registry/* confluent/start confluent/stop
# Confluent platform tasks
confluent/start: confluent/rest/start
confluent/stop: confluent/rest/stop confluent/registry/stop confluent/kafka/stop confluent/zookeeper/stop
# Download & extract tasks
mkdir -p confluent && wget -O confluent/confluent.tgz
confluent/EXTRACTED: confluent/confluent.tgz
tar xzf confluent/confluent.tgz -C confluent --strip-components 1 && mkdir confluent/logs && touch confluent/EXTRACTED
# Zookeeper tasks
confluent/zookeeper/start: confluent/EXTRACTED
nohup confluent/bin/zookeeper-server-start confluent/etc/kafka/ 2> confluent/logs/zookeeper.err > confluent/logs/zookeeper.out < /dev/null &
while ! nc localhost 2181 </dev/null; do echo "Waiting for zookeeper..."; sleep 1; done
confluent/zookeeper/stop: confluent/EXTRACTED
# Kafka tasks
confluent/kafka/start: confluent/zookeeper/start confluent/EXTRACTED
nohup confluent/bin/kafka-server-start confluent/etc/kafka/ 2> confluent/logs/kafka.err > confluent/logs/kafka.out < /dev/null &
while ! nc localhost 9092 </dev/null; do echo "Waiting for Kafka..."; sleep 1; done
confluent/kafka/stop: confluent/EXTRACTED
# schema-registry tasks
confluent/registry/start: confluent/kafka/start confluent/EXTRACTED
nohup confluent/bin/schema-registry-start confluent/etc/schema-registry/ 2> confluent/logs/schema-registry.err > confluent/logs/schema-registry.out < /dev/null &
while ! nc localhost 8081 </dev/null; do echo "Waiting for schema registry..."; sleep 1; done
confluent/registry/stop: confluent/EXTRACTED
# REST proxy tasks
confluent/rest/start: confluent/registry/start confluent/EXTRACTED
nohup confluent/bin/kafka-rest-start confluent/etc/kafka-rest/ 2> confluent/logs/kafka-rest.err > confluent/logs/kafka-rest.out < /dev/null &
while ! nc localhost 8082 </dev/null; do echo "Waiting for REST proxy..."; sleep 1; done
confluent/rest/stop: confluent/EXTRACTED
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